Building Positive Attitude

Reward and punishment build up attitude. Attitude can be changed, if we differentiate negative attitude from positive attitude. Positive attitude can bring positive change in life.

It is difficult to change attitudes but with some effort, it can be done. A positive attitude is a pre-requisite for change and development. If anybody has negative attitude towards `change’, this attitude will extend to anything representing change i.e. leaders, technology, meetings, or any process of change.

For any change (growth or development), positive attitude towards change is critical. Without the positive attitude towards change, development or growth is very difficult.

Positive attitude has the power to attract sudden good fortune from the world around us. We can observe that when under critical circumstances, if we adopt positive attitude and stay calm, we can easily overcome the problem, having no or less serious consequences

Steps towards building positive attitude

Attitudes of individuals towards life, family, ideas, political thinking, religion or anything can be changed.

Following are the various steps for bringing change in one’s attitude that bring change in the behaviours.

  1. Identify the object towards which change of attitude is desired.
  2. Introduce information about which individual agrees.
  3. Introduce the new information that contradicts the existing beliefs or attitudes.
  4. Identify the ways through which belief or practice conform to new information.

These four steps towards change in attitude can be easily understood by this example. Suppose you want to bring change in the attitude of your son towards education. So, first of all you have identified that you want to change the `attitude towards education’, secondly you will find out the reasons for certain attitude, thirdly you will introduce new information or ideas that contradict with the current information. This introduction of new information will develop dissonance which might help changing attitude.

Steps to turn positive attitude into action

Attitudes can be turned into positive actions by realizing certain behaviours such as

  1. Understand the power of attitude
  2. Take control of yourself and your life
  3. Be aware about yourself and keep updated
  4. Identify and frame your bad and good attitudes
  5. Find purpose of your behaviour and develop prudent passion actions
  6. Be pro-active and pre-active
  7. Discover the ways to motivate yourself (motivators)
  8. Build supportive relationships
  9. See change as an opportunity
  10. Leave a lasting legacy

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