Characteristics of Decision Making

Decision making

Decision making is a process of selection from a set of alternative courses of action which is thought to fulfill the objectives of the decision problem more satisfactorily than other.

A decision involves the act of choice and the alternative chosen out of the available alternatives. ” The process concerned with searching and evaluating alternatives to a problem and selecting the best alternative is known as DECISION-MAKING “

According to Mc Farland, ” A decision is an act of choice wherein an executive forms a conclusion about what must be done in a given situation. A decision represents a course of behaviour chosen from a no. of possible alternatives. “

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Characteristics of Decision Making

Characteristics of Decision Making

The basic characteristics of decision-making are enumerated below:

1) It is a process of choosing a course of action from among the alternative courses of action.

2) It is a human process involving a great extent the application of intellectual abilities.

3) It is the end process preceded by deliberation and  reasoning.

4) It is always related to the environment. A manager may take one decision in a particular set of circumstances and another in a different set of circumstances.

5) It involves a time dimension and a time lag.

6) It always has a purpose. Keeping this in view, there may just be a decision not to decide.

7) It involves all actions like defining the problem and probing and analyzing the various   

     alternatives which take place before a final choice is made.

8) It is goal-oriented i.e decisions are made to achieve certain goals.

9) It is pervasive in nature i.e managers at all levels take decisions that may vary from one level to another.

10) It is futuristic i.e it makes decisions to be taken in future for achieving goals.

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Characteristics of Decision Making Characteristics of Decision Making

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