Difference Between Crime and Tort

Being a civil injury, tort differs from crime in all respects in which a civil remedy differs from a criminal one. There are certain essential marks of difference between crime and tort they are:

  •  Tort is an infringement or privation of private or civil rights belongigng to individuals, whereas crime is a breach of public rights and duties which affect the whole community.
  • In tort the wrong doer has to compensate the injured party whereas in crime, he is punished by the state in the interest of the society.
  • In tort the action is brought about by the injured party whereas in crime the proceedings are conducted in the name of the state.
  • In tort damages are paid for compensating the injured and in crime it is paid out of the fine which is paid as a part of punishment. Thus the primary purpose of awrding compensation in a criminal prosecution is punitive rather than compensatory.
  • The damages in tort are unliquidated and in crime they are liquidated.

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