Drug Addiction

Addiction to drugs among young men and women is an acute social problem faced by most of the countries worldwide. Illegal trafficking of narcotics is on the increase in spite of vigilance on the part of governments. Heroin, cocaine, hashish, marijuana and other health damaging drugs are easily available today.

This sordid commerce has resulted in young men and women easily obtaining and using drugs. They can be seen sprawled almost everywhere. At first youngsters take drugs in small doses just for thrill gradually develop a compulsion to have it at intervals. Thus drug-taking becomes a habit from which there is no easy escape.

Once addicted to drugs there are very few and chances of escaping.

Drugs are harmful not just because of the addiction, but also because the addicts die young!

The drug addicts become irresponsible in the behaviours. 

They talk of hallucinatory bliss and peace obtained from drugs; they may describe “the wonderful trip”.

But the fact remains that addiction causes lethal poisoning and brings physical problems which can lead to prolonged depression cycles, insanity, suicide and, in some cases, murder. Many young people use drugs as an experiment or just for the “feel” of it, but they are not aware of the fact that they are destroying their physical and mental strength; they give up their precious live s that was gifted to them by God.

Today you not only find drug addicts on roadside or footpaths but also in educational institutions. To be precise we have fallen down deep inside a “frightening pit” that there is no way out. Drug use is widespread worldwide even people who we say are our so called “protectors” are attracted to drugs i.e. our police and other law enforcing agencies.

The reason for the widespread use of narcotics by students and other young men and women is the indigenous culture enthusiastically hugged by them. The young men and women who are frustrated because of alienation from the family, a sense of loneliness and consequent disillusionment easily fall prey to this culture.

Once they become part of this culture they find justification for their behavior in the possibility of a nuclear holocaust. Some find justification in back to nature cult.

Can anything be done to eradicate this evil of drug addiction? The first and foremost thing to do is for every nation is to see that the illicit traffic of narcotics is completely stopped. Every country should have laws or special police force for the abolishment of narcotics, this law should be made tougher and have strict punishments. No law can be effective without the firm public backing of police and prosecutors.

This will require a massive education program and dynamic leadership from the government. Parents, schools, colleges and universities too have a great responsibility. It’s for them to be watchful and nip the evil in the bud.

For example, if a student who has been doing so well in studies or in sports suddenly becomes a non achiever, see that he is given good counseling. Educational institutions should arrange special classes on the danger inherent in drug addiction. The media can play a pivotal role in this too.

Finally, it may be said we should tackle the problem of drug addiction on war-footing. We must fight the battle in all possible ways. Education is our great weapon, youngsters should be told about the dangers of taking drugs. If enough youngsters decide that the “in” thing to do is to leave drugs out of their lives, the epidemic will die of its own accord.

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