Etiquette - Sociology

Etiquette is a code of precise procedures that governs the social interaction of people. It contains the notion of propriety. Example: To give some gifts to the host, to place a guest of honour at appropriate seat at a formal dinner, to present some gift to the bride, etc.,

Sociologically speaking, etiquette serves three functions.

(i) It prescribes standard procedures to be followed on specific occasions,

(ii) It indicates membership in a certain social class, and

(iii) It serves to maintain social distance where intimacy or familiarity is not required. Etiquette repels unwanted approaches at specific occasions.

Social control can be considered as an important aspect of an individual’s socialization process. There are some universal norms or rules which should be followed by members of all societies. Any deviation from these norms may result in a minimum level of punishment for ensuring the social order.

It refers to the processes of regulation of an individual or group behavior in a society, which encourages conformity and obedience. It may include social or political mechanisms. Its two forms are formal and informal controls.

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