Staffing and Importance of Staffing Modern Organisation

Staffing is concerned with the word manning various positions in an organization.

According to koontz o’donnell –The Managerial function of staffing involves manning the organization structure through proper and effective selection and appraisal of development of personnel to fill the roles designed into the structure.


1) It is pervasive-Staffing is the pervasive function of management .It is perform by all managers at various level in the organization.

2) Staffing in people is centric function: It is relevant in all types of organization. It is concerned with all categories of personnel from top to bottom of the organization.        

3) Personnel Actives: Staffing involves several functions concerned with management of people at work. These activities include a man power planning selection, training and development, compensation etc.

4) Action Oriented: Staffing focuses on action rather than record keeping or procedures .It stresses the solution of human resource problem to achieve both organization objective as well as employees personal goals.

5) Continuous Function: Staffing is an ongoing or never ending process rather than the one shot process. Staffing requires constant alertness and awareness of human relation and there importance in every day’s operation.

6)Future Oriented: Staffing is concerned with helping an organization to achieve its objectives in future by providing competent and well motivated employees. 

Importance of Staffing in Modern Organisation

The basic purpose of staffing is to ensure that right person occupy the right position at all times in the organisation staffing is a very important function of management. no organisation can be successful unless it can fill and keep filled the various positions with the right type of employees.

Effective staffing provides the following benefits :-
1. It helps in discovering and obtaining competent personnel for various jobs.
2. It makes for higher performance by placing right persons on the right job.
3. It improves job satisfaction and morale of employees through objective    assessment and fair compensation for their contribution.
4. It facilitates optimum utilization for their contribution.
5. It ensures the continuity and growth of the organisation through the    development of managers.

The importance of staffing has increased in modern organisation due to following reasons :-

1. Increasing size of  organisation :-
In a large organisation, there are several positions. training and appraisal of employees are required for efficient functioning of  the enterprise. this increased the significance of staffing

2. Advancement of technology :-
In order to make use of technology, the appointment of right type of persons is necessary. right personnel can be procured, developed and maintained for new jobs only if the management perform its staffing function effectively.

3. Long range needs for manpower :-
management must determine the manpower requirements in advance. it is also necessary to develop managers for succession in future .the need for staffing has increased due to shortage of good managerial talent and high rate of labour turnover.

4. High wage bill :-
personnel cost accounts for major portion of operating costs today. efficient performance of the staffing function is essential to make the best use of personnel.

5. Trade union :-
Efficient system for staffing has become necessary to negotiate effectively with organisation of executives. with the spread of education executives have become increasingly aware of their prerogatives. Collective bargaining has brought about change in their attitudes. separation of owner ship from management requires a more professional approach towards the staffing function.

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