Merits and Demerits of Line Organization

Merits of Line Organization

Simplest– It is the most simple and oldest method of administration.

Unity of Command- In these organizations, superior-subordinate relationship is maintained and scalar chain of command flows from top to bottom.

Better discipline- The control is unified and concentrates on one person and therefore, he can independently make decisions of his own. Unified control ensures better discipline.

Fixed responsibility- In this type of organization, every line executive has got fixed authority, power and fixed responsibility attached to every authority.

Flexibility- There is a co-ordination between the top most authority and bottom line authority. Since the authority relationships are clear, line officials are independent and can flexibly take the decision. This flexibility gives satisfaction of line executives.

Prompt decision- Due to the factors of fixed responsibility and unity of command, the officials can take prompt decision

Economical- It is very economical because no staff specialists are required

Demerits of Line Organization

Over reliance- The line executive’s decisions are implemented to the bottom. This results in over-relying on the line officials.

Lack of specialization- A line organization flows in a scalar chain from top to bottom and there is no scope for specialized functions. For example, expert advices whatever decisions are taken by line managers are implemented in the same way.

Inadequate communication- The policies and strategies which are framed by the top authority are carried out in the same way. This leaves no scope for communication from the other end. The complaints and suggestions of lower authority are not communicated back to the top authority. So there is one way communication.

Lack of Co-ordination- Whatever decisions are taken by the line officials, in certain situations wrong decisions, are carried down and implemented in the same way. Therefore, the degree of effective co- ordination is less.

Authority leadership- The line officials have tendency to misuse their authority positions. This leads to autocratic leadership and monopoly in the concern.

Overburdened– Key executives are over burdened with administrative work. They cannot use conceptual thinking when the organization grows.

Instability– Line organization may result in instability because the success of the organization depends upon a few competent managers. Succession problem is acute and there may be little continuity.

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Merits and Demerits of Line Organization Merits and Demerits of Line Organization

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