Offences of Wrongful Confinement

Section 340. Wrongful Confinement

Whoever wrongfully restrains any person in such a manner as to prevent that person from proceedings beyond certain circumscribing limits, is said “wrongfully to confine” that person.

Object – The object of this section is to protect the freedom of a person where his personal liberty has totally suspended or abolish, by voluntarily act done by another.


  1. I. Wrongful confinement of person.
  2. Wrongful restraint of a person
  3. Such restraint must prevent that person from proceeding beyond certain limits.

Prevent from proceedings

Wrongful confinement is a kind of wrongful restraint, in which a person kept within the limits out which he wishes to go, and has right to go.

There must be total restraint of a personal liberty, and not merely a partial restraint to constitute confinement.

For wrongful confinement proof of actual physical obstruction is not essential.

Circumscribing Limits

Wrongful confinement means the notion of restraint within some limits defined by a will or power exterior to our own.

Moral force: Detention through the excise of moral force, without the accomplishment of physical force is sufficient to constituted this section.


Section339- Restraint

Section 340-Confinement

Degree of Offense

Wrongful restraint is not a serious offence, and the degree of this offense is comparatively lees then confinement.

Wrongful confinement is  a serious offence, and the degree of this offense is comparatively intensive then restraint.

Principle element

Voluntarily wrongful obstruction of a person personal liberty, where he wishes to, and he have a right to.

Voluntarily wrongfully restraint a person where he wishes to, and he has a right to, within a circumscribing limits.

Personal liberty

It is a partial restraint of the personal liberty of a person. A person is restraint is free to move anywhere other than to proceed in a partial direction.

it is a absolute or total restraint or obstruction of a personal liberty.


Confinement implies wrongful restraint.

Wrongful confinement not implies vice-versa.


No limits or boundaries are required

Certain circumscribing limits or boundaries requires.

Conclusion — persuasion is not obstruction, physical presence, for obstruction is not necessary, reasonable apprehension of force is sufficient, restraint implies will and desire are some of the salient features of such decisions.

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