Principles of Organization

Principles of Organization

The basic principles of organization are as follows

1) Unity of objective :- an organization structure is sound when it facilitates the accomplishment of objectives. Therefore, the organization as a whole & every part of it must be geared to the basic objectives of the enterprise. 

2) Division of work :- the activites of every member of the organization should be confined as far as possible to the performance of a single function . 

3) Scalar principle :- there should be a clear chain of command extending from top to bottom of the organization . every subordinate should know who his superior is & who his subordinate are. 

4) Functional definition :- the duties , authority and responsibilities of every position should be clearly defined so as to avoid duplication of work. 

5) Exception principle :- only exceptional matters which are beyond the authority of lower level person should be referred to higher level .this is also know as authority level principle. 

6) Unity of command :- each subordinate should have only one superior whose command he has to obey .this is necessary to ensure disciple & to fix responsibility for result. 

7) Efficiency :- the organization structure should facilitate the achievement of objective at minimum possible cost.It should permit the optimum use of resources. 

8) Continuity :- proper arrangement should be made for the training & development of executives. 

9) Facilitation of leadership :- organization structure should be so deviced that there is though opportunity for the management to give effective leadership to the enterprise . 

10) Coordination :- the organization structure should facilitate unity of effort & coordination among different individual and groups channel of communication should be open and clear .

Principles of Organization

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Principles of Organization Principles of Organization 

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