essential requirement of an effective planning 

Essential Requirement of an Effective Planning

  1.  ESTABLISHING THE RIGHT CLIMATE FOR PLANNING:-Possible with setting objectives,developing realistic planning premises,ensuring information flow and providing appropriate staff assistance. 
  2. CLEAR AND SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES:-objectives should be stated for KRAs. It is that aspect which has a direct bearing on organization’s wellbeing .KRA may be profitability,sales, R&D,  Mfg. etc. 
  3. PLANNING PREMISES :-forecasting is very important for accurate premising . forecasting may be with respect to market, prices, sales, tech. devmt. etc. 
  4. INFLEXIBILITY:- Employee initiative and individual freedom may be curbed because of detailed policies and procedures. 
  5. RESISTANCE TO CHANGE:- People are concern about present than future which is highly unpredictable. 
  6. ENVIRONMETAL CONSTRAINTS:-Unforeseen changes may cause a plan to be altered drastically. Managers have hardly any control over environment. 
  7. LACK OF ABILITY AND COMMITMENT:- Inability of managers to develop good strategies.
  8. FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY :-About the results.

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essential requirement of an effective planning 

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 essential requirement of an effective planning essential requirement of an effective planning 

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