Strategic and Operational Planning

What is the difference between Strategic and Operational planning?

Point of Comparison

Strategic Planning

Operational Planning

1. Scope

For the enterprise as a whole.

For particular departments or functional areas.

2. Range of choice

Wide-broad directions for planned allocation of resources.

Narrow-specific ways and means.

3. Type of 


External environment.

Internal environment.

4. Time span



5. Question

Where should we go.

How will we get there.

6. Primarcy

Preceeds operational planning.

Succeeds strategic planning.

7. Level of


Top-level management.

Operating and middle levels.

8. Resources

Acquisition of new resources.

Within the framework of existing resources.

9. End result

Objectives and strategies.

Detailed programmes.

Strategic and Operational Planning

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Strategic and Operational Planning 

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