System Approach

Systems Approach

It is based on the view that organization is a system composed of elements that are inter-dependent. A system is composed of related and dependent elements which, when in interaction forms a unitary wholes. 


1)System consist of interacting element. It is a set of inter-related and inter-dependent parts  

    arranged in a manner that produces or forms a unitary whole.

2)The various subsystem are studied in their inter-relation rather than in Insolation with each  


3)An organization system has a boundary that determine which parts are external and


4)A system does not exist in vaccum. It receives information, material, synergy from other  

    systems and inputs.

5)An organization is a dynamic system as it is responsive to its environment. Its volneration

    to changes in environment such as government policies, new technology, competition in

    the market etc.

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System approach failed to take comprehensive study to analyse organization from different angles.

It has failed to specify the nature of inter-dependencies and interaction between an organization and its external environment.

It does not provide action framework to all types of organization.

It does not offer tools and techniques for analysis and synthesis of system and environment.

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