Types of Decision

Types of Decision

1)Programmed Decision: Programmed decisions are concerned with relatively routine and repetitive problems…The possible alternatives are limited in nature and the choice must fall within the established guidelines..They are programmed because information on them is already available and can be processed in a preplanned manner…

Non programmed decision: These are concerned with novel and non repetitive problems..Full information is rarely available and the number of alternatives is very large…Therefore, such problems cannot be tackeled  in a predermined manner… 

2)Strategic Decisions: Strategic decisions involve long term commitments and exercise on enduring influence on the future of the organization. These decisions define the relationship between the organization and its environment.. 

Administrative decisions: These are directed towards developing divisional plans , structuring workflows…they are primarily middle management oriented… 

3)Individual Decisions: These decisions are taken by a individual.. these are concerned mainly with routine problems for which broad policies are available.. in such decisions analysis of various variables is relatively simple..

4)Group Decisions: These decisions are taken by a group of persons constituted for this purpose. Ex; decision taken by a board of directors

Types of Decision

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Types of Decision Types of Decision 

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