what is transportation

What is Transportation ?

Transportation is the movement of commodities and people. Without transportation, the globe would have remained immobile and the movement of commodities and people would have been almost impossible.

All movements are feasible as a result of the variety of modes of travel available. Thus, transportation connects the whole planet and transforms it into a single economic unit. The capacity — and the desire — to move huge amounts of commodities or huge numbers of people across vast distances in safety and comfort has been a barometer of civilization, and particularly of technical advancement.

When it comes to physical product sales, transportation might be the difference between success and failure. In most circumstances, the two are synonymous, since logistic management include the management of transportation and its associated expenses. However, for the majority of businesses, combining the two results in a lengthy chain of various activities and responsibilities that, when executed successfully, move raw resources from point A to point B.

What is Transportation Importance ?


1. A well-designed transportation system facilitates the safe and timely delivery of products and people. Consider how raw commodities such as coal, lumber, and crude oil would be transported from the point of extraction to the point of consumption in the absence of a transportation infrastructure.

2. A well-designed transportation infrastructure permits the movement of commodities and services from areas of plenty to areas of scarcity. This is made feasible by effective modes of travel.

3. Effective transportation minimises manufacturing costs.

4. Improved transportation facilitates the location of more industries, which results in growth.

What is Transportation

What is transportation What is transportation

Modes of Transportation

Land Transport

Land transport is further subdivided into the following categories:

a. Transportation by road and

c. Railway transportation

Road Vehicles: This category includes all types of vehicles such as automobiles, buses, trailers, and tippers. This kind of transport is used to connect towns.

Cars versus Buses: Cars go quicker than buses and are more expensive.

Trailers and Lorries: Trailers are heavy-duty vehicles constructed of iron and metal that are used to carry bulky items such as cement, coal, steel, machine and car parts, as well as animals such as cows and goats.

Bicycles: Historically, bicycles were a significant mode of mobility in Nigeria. As civilization progressed, it began to dwindle. In cities, just a few individuals, such as ice cream boys, ride bicycles.

Motorbikes: The popularity of motorcycles as a mode of transportation is growing in both urban and rural areas.

Foot Transport: In the past, particularly before to the dawn of civilization, there were no bicycles or motor vehicles; the main mode of transportation was the foot.

Water transport

Water transport is a kind of transport in which products and persons are transported by sea or water.

The following vessels are used in domestic water transport:

1. Canoe: The canoe is one of the watercraft used in the nation. Locally constructed canoes are made of wood. Paddling using a paddle propels canoes.

2. Engine Boat: This is a boat that is used to transport both cargo and engine people. It is propelled by an engine.

3. Speed Boat: A speed boat is a tiny boat that can carry just a few people and is driven by an engine. It is a contemporary invention and a significant advance. It is often employed by security officers and law enforcement to combat criminality and protect waterways.

4. Ships: A ship is another kind of water transportation that is used to move goods and people. They are often rather huge. It is capable of transporting enough products to fill three huge warehouses. A voyage by ship on the high seas might take more than a month.

Air Transportation

Air transportation was not always as popular as it is now. It was reserved for senior government officials and the affluent class, including the emir, the caliphates, and a select few. The many modes of air transportation include aeroplanes, jets, and helicopters.

Pipeline Transportation

Pipeline transportation is a technological advancement in the transportation business. This mode of transport was invented to move liquids such as gasoline, kerosine, and water. Underground pipelines are installed and the liquid conveyed flows to its destination.

What is Transportation

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What is transportation What is transportation What is transportation

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